Founded 1892 

"Holding Forth the Word of Life" 



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 A Historical Place of Worship

Our Chapel is has served as a place of Worship in the Melbourne Beach area for over 120 years.

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The Caring Christ-Centered Chapel

"Holding forth the Word of Life"

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Worship Times

The first Chapel - 1892

Worship Schedule

Service is at 9:30 AM.

Sunday School is at 9:30 AM


We are Christian

The Community Chapel ia a Christ-centered house of worship, Protestant, non-denominational.


On Ocean Avenue in the heart of Melnourne Beach next to the Post Office. 

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 Worship Schedule

Service is at 9:30 AM

Sunday School 9:30 AM



Chapel Bulletin from Sunday Worship - Upcoming events, contact numbers and more. 

Our Wedding Policies

We have frequent marriage requests from those who are not participants in the Community Chapel, and so it is important that the focus of our ministry be understood.

The Community Chapel is not a "wedding chapel", but a Christ-centered house of worship (Protestant - non-denominational) that has served the Melbourne Beach area for over 120 years. The covenant of marriage is not only a time of great celebration and joy, it is a sacred and sober event where vows are spoken in the presence of God.

Couples must be fully committed to the Christian Biblical understanding of marriage between a man and a woman. 


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Six weeks minimum notice is preferred (9 Month maximum limit) However, if co-habitating you must be married within 2 months. (some exceptions, on an individual basis, may be made to these time limits).

An initial interview is required to confirm scheduling.


One session is required which will  include a discussion on relationship issues, faith background and the importance of the spiritual dimension. Divorce is openly discussed from a Biblical view with primary goals being awareness, growth, forgiveness, and healing.

A letter confirming counseling is provided that allows for reduction in marriage license fee.

Other Guidelines

The Chapel seating capacity is approximately 120 plus the wedding party.

Couples reserve the Chapel for 1 hr. rehearsal and 2 hrs. for the wedding.

Photographer should check with coordinator before ceremony. Flash photography is limited during the ceremony. All photos must be finished by the end of the two hour period.

No throwing of items outside the Chapel except for bubbles.

No candelabras.

No alcohol or tobacco permitted in the Chapel or on the Chapel grounds.

Chapel is not rented out to another minister to perform ceremonies, however they may assist the Chapel pastor who is the primary officiate.

Only the Chapel organist plays the organ. Special music request must be approved by the minister and coordinated with the organist. A $25.00 fee is added for a practice session.

Marriage license should be brought to the rehearsal. Call the local courthouse concerning requirements.

The wedding fee is $600. This includes: facility for ceremony and rehearsal, minister, organist, coordinator, a briefing and counseling session. A $200 deposit due when scheduling with the minister at the briefing. The balance is due at rehearsal. (There is a reduced price for private ceremonies with a few guests; no rehearsal, no organist).

For more information call 321-722-9117.


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